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As a key member of Alison Krauss' Union Station, Dan Tyminski probably gets as much exposure as anyone in Bluegrass music today (except possibly his bandmate Jerry Douglas): that considered, he is seriously underrepresented on record as a soloist. He had a fine record that eventually came out on Rounder in 2001 (Carry Me Across The Mountain, ROU-0537, $ 13.99), and of course got a considerable amount of notoriety for singing MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW in the "O Brother Where Art Thou" Coen Brothers film. But hearing a full 12-song, beautifully produced and recorded album like this one makes us fully appreciate his talent and exceptional voice. I would buy this record just on the strength of the first 4 cuts --but there's nothing weak here, just one fine performance after another. The title song gets the record off to a fine start and is followed by Dan's right-on version of WHOSE SHOULDER WILL YOU CRY ON, and the poignant MAKING HAY. The 4th song, WHO SHOWED WHO (recorded long ago by Del McCoury) , is a hard-driving, classic performance that epitomizes the best work of an artist who is able to work in a contemporary setting yet call on a background thoroughly rooted in tradition. Yes, it's the stuff that can make the hair on your neck stand up --a quality that you don't hear very much reference to anymore these days. Not surprisingly, Tyminski's voice, arrangements and choice of songs often bring the listener back to his days as a key member of the Lonesome River Band. Our advance copy of this CD did not list song writers or sidemen, but no matter: suffice it to say that this is a superb recording in every way, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!