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CHUCK WAGON GANG 'Secular And Sacred Songs' BACM-239-CD

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Before this famous group became known across the southern USA as one of the top gospel groups, they had already waxed over a dozen secular songs which came out in the late 1930s. Led by "Dad" Carter, the Texas based group did pleasant versions of some good songs like TAKE ME BACK TO RENFRO VALLEY, THE RAINBOW'S END, DEAR OLD SUNNY SOUTH BY THE SEA, I'LL BE ALL SMILES TONIGHT and PUT MY LITTLE SHOES AWAY. These are all are here, and they are nice enough, though they don't have the style or impact that the group was about to attain in just a few years with its gospel work. Actually, there are 9 gospel tracks here from the early 1950s that were recorded between 1952 and 1954 when the group was already firmly established as a major force in gospel music --these include the classics I'VE A PRECIOUS FRIEND and O WHY NOT TONIGHT. The original 78s that the secular songs appeared on are very rare collector's items and they are certainly interesting in light of what this group later became, but they are not essential listening.