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THE OLD 78s 'Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic And Minstrel Banjo'


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The subtitle pretty much describes what to expect here, and there is a lot for those who enjoy the "raggy" type tunes from the past. The album --with its 20 tunes --heavily features the banjo and banjo combinations, though some of the most effective pieces feature the fiddling of Curly Miller as well. (We have carried his previous CDs with Carole Anne Rose, who is also present here, and the two are joined by Clarke Buehling of the Skirtlifters group.) A variety of banjos are used here, and the players have picked out some great old tunes including INDIAN WAR WHOOP, ALABAMA TROT, RUTH'S RAG, PLOWBOY HOP, MISS JOLA, DEVILISH MARY and CAPTAIN GEORGE HAS YOUR MONEY COME.