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This small label from North Carolina has given us a marvelous 24-track helping of old time music from that state, taken from 78rpm recordings originally made between 1926 and 1936. Along with the generous amount of music and most attractive packaging, there's a wealth of superb old-time music by such great artists as Grayson & Whitter, Frank Jenkins, The Red Fox Chasers, The Dixon Brothers, Carolina Tar Heels, Carolina Buddies, Mainer's Mountaineers, North Carolina Cooper Boys, Ben Jarrell, Wilmer Watts and Dock Walsh among others. The quality of the sound transfers is excellent and there is a lovely 24-page booklet of notes with some great old photos too. A must for any fans of old-time music from the "Golden Age". RICHMOND SQUARE, OTTO WOOD, HONEYSUCKLE RAG, IN THE PINES, MOUNTAIN SWEETHEART, ARE YOU SURE, TOM DOOLEY, BANJO SAM, WILL THE WEAVER, LITTLE BUNCH OF ROSES, JACK O'DIAMONDS, LINDY, etc.