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It's been a while since we last heard from Wakefield and his unique brand of mandolin picking. It's good to see this well produced collection of twelve tunes that are mostly new to record (though it's always also neat to hear another version of his NEW CAMPTOWN RACES --which has become a Bluegrass standard). There are a couple of Wakefield's classical pieces here, but most of the tunes have a Bluegrass flavor, solidly brought out by a cast of pickers that include Mike Munford on banjo, Audie Blaylock on guitar, and Michael Cleveland on fiddle. Nicely packaged with good notes by Dennis Satterlee. SARATOGA RIE, THIS IS FOR BILL, FLYING STRINGS, SABBATICAL, THE OLD CAT SNEEZED, THE RUNAWAY TRAIN, MANDOLIN SOLO N# 2, etc