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FISHER HENDLEY 'Fisher Hendley With The Aristocratic Pigs' BACM-202-CD

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Hendley was a popular entertainer and early promoter of rural music in the Carolinas in the 1920s and 30s, featured over WBT radio in Charlotte, NC among other shows. His recorded output --much of which is included in this 22 track record --was a mixed bag of authentic old-time music and schmaltzy pop flavored pieces. The cuts included on this disc are divided about half and half. The 10 more interesting songs & tunes include an early (1925) song with banjo, (LET YOUR SHACK BURN DOWN) a really nice HOP ALONG PETER, and 4 good string band cuts with his 1933 band, the Carolina Tar Heels (not to be confused with the Dock Walsh and Tom Ashley group of the same name). But the real highlights of this CD are 4 tracks that Hendley made for the Victor label in 1930 with Henry Whitter & Marshall Small, including the fine banjo/guitar instrumentals TAR & FEATHERS and SHUFFLE FEET SHUFFLE. The remaining dozen cuts, made in 1938, are lackluster, hoky material with accordion, etc., but there's enough of interest here for the serious old-time fan or historian.