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DAILEY & VINCENT 'Brothers From Different Mothers' ROU-0617-CD

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It doesn't seem that long ago that Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent came out with their first album --a recording that won all sorts of awards (8 or 9 of them?) at the IBMA Bluegrass Awards Show last September. That superb album contained numerous excellent songs including the truly outstanding BY THE MARK, and established this band as one of the most popular and talked about groups in Bluegrass. They have followed it up with a disc that is equally fine, drawing songs from sources as diverse as Gillian Welch again (she wrote BY THE MARK) and the Statler Brothers : (YEARS AGO and THERE IS YOU work pretty well in a Bluegrass setting, though the unison chorus on YEARS AGO is somewhat jarring, though it certainly creates a change of pace). No less than 7 of the songs are of the harddriving variety that should please any and every fan of traditional Bluegrass, and the gospel cuts like WHEN I'VE TRAVELED MY LAST MILE, OH YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN and WHEN I REACH MY HOME are masterpieces. THERE IS YOU, one of the 2 Statler songs, turns into a Louvin Brothers style piece by the time it ends: GIRL IN THE VALLEY is very reminiscent of the old New Quicksilver Band, and the Gillian Welch-David Rawlings song WINTER'S COME & GONE is lovely (though the version done recently by Kenny & Amanda Smith is equally fine). Everyone who enjoyed their first recording will find plenty to like just as much in this top-notch new disc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Track List:
1 Head Hung Down 2:57
2 You Oughta Be Here With Me 2:22
3 Your Love Is Like A Flower 3:26
4 When I've Traveled My Last Mile 2:49
5 Years Ago 2:34
6 There Is You 2:24
7 Girl In The Valley 2:45
8 Please Don't Let Our Sweet Love Die 3:44
9 Oh Ye Must Be Born Again 2:25
10 Winter's Come And Gone 2:16
11 When I Reach That Home Up There 2:48
12 On The Other Side 4:31