SONS OF THE PIONEERS 'Memories of the Range' BCD 16104-CD

SONS OF THE PIONEERS 'Memories of the Range' BCD 16104-CD

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This second 4-CD volume of Standard transcriptions comprises 121 songs, including some that went on to become Sons of the Pioneers' classics. The box includes a 28-page book.


1 Me And My Burro
2 Old Sky Ball Paint
3 Outlaw Rag
4 Way Down South
5 De Camp Town Races
6 Old Dog Trey
7 Ragtime Annie
8 Soldier's Joy
9 Oompah Rag
10 Pop Eye's Spiritual
11 West Of The Rio Grande
12 One More River To Cross
13 Bring Roses To Your Mother
14 Dolly Day
15 Cow Across The Road
16 Darling Clementine
17 Black Sheep Blues
18 Railroad Boomer
19 Rocky Mountain Express
20 The Yodeling Cowboy
21 Pride Of The Ball
22 Standin' In Need Of Prayer
23 Cowboy Jack
24 Roll Along Jordan
25 Tom And Jerry
26 Old Madeira Waltz
27 Rye Whiskey Waltz
28 Where The Morning Glories Grow
29 Methodist Pie
30 Seein' Nellie Home (Aunt Dinah's Quilting...)
1 Miss Lucy Long
2 Hard Times Come Again No More
3 Yankee Doodle
4 All God's Chillun Got Wings
5 T For Texas
6 Harvester
7 Custer's Last Battle
8 Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
9 Covered Wagon Roll Me On (Westward Ho)
10 Beulah Land (Dwelling In Beulah Land)
11 Follow The Stream (I Follow The Stream)
12 Darling Nellie Grey
13 Chicken
14 Going Home
15 Blues In E
16 Old Rover
17 Going Home
18 Beautiful Nell
19 Main Street
20 Drifting Sands (Sands Of The Desert)
21 And I Still Do
22 Climb Up Chillun'
23 Falling Leaf
24 I Wish I'd Stayed In The Wagon Yard
25 Some Folks
26 We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
27 Dixie
28 Wind
29 Old Paint
30 Tenting Tonight (On The Old Camp Ground)
1 Travelin' With The Sun
2 Roll On (Cowboy's Dream)
3 Old Time Religion
4 Florine Waltz
5 Swanee River
6 Waggoner
7 Big Rock Candy Mountain
8 Little Old Sod Shanty
9 Keep A-Inchin' Along
10 Gambler's Blues
11 Down The Lane To Happiness
12 Coming Through The Rye
13 Ninety And Nine
14 Tom Bigbee River
15 (Down In The) Old Cherry Orchard
16 Jesse James
17 When The Bees Are In The Hive
18 Hifalutin'
19 Rosewood Casket
20 Bum Song (Hallelujah, I'm A Bum)
21 Call Of The South (Come On Home)
22 Song Of The Pioneers
23 Utah Trail
24 The Crawdad Song
25 Old Black Mountain Trail
26 (My) Old Kentucky Home
27 Get Away Old Man, Get Away
28 Eight Of January
29 Jack Of Diamonds
30 Bugler's Blues
31 Fine Time At Our House
1 Oh There's Power (In The Blood)
2 Leaning On The Everlasting Arm
3 I Need Thee
4 Prairie Schooner (Over The Santa Fe Trail)
5 Nelly Bly
6 Oh Lemuel
7 Ring Ring De Banjo
8 Auld Lang Syne
9 Billy Boy
10 Memories Of The Range
11 Birmingham Jail
12 New River Train
13 In The Saddle (Ridin', Ropin')
14 Give My Love To Nell
15 Listen To The Mockingbird
16 Whispering Hope
17 Mellow Mountain Moon
18 Sagebrush Stomp
19 Bury Me Beneath The Willow
20 When The Bloom Is On The Sage
21 Rock Me To Sleep In My Rocky Mountain Home
22 I Want To Follow The Swallow Back Home...
23 One More Ride
24 Lane County Bachelor
25 Cool Water
26 When The Work's All Done This Fall
27 Sleepy Rio Grande
28 When It's Prayer Meetin' Time In The Hollow
29 Nighttime In Nevada
30 Cotton Eyed Joe