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TOMMY WEBB 'Heartland' RUR-1043-CD


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The distinctive and instantly recognizable voice of Tommy Webb is well served in this nicely produced album of straight, traditional Bluegrass on which 5 of the 14 songs are Webb originals. He has filled in the rest of the disc with a good variety of other material including RIVER OF JORDAN, CLINCH MT. BACKSTEP, LITTLE SADIE (on which he plays clawhammer banjo), and Pete Goble's NO ROOM INSIDE YOUR HEART. There is also a re-do of A HARD ROAD TO HOE, a standout performance on an earlier Webb album (this version is about as good, and one of the best tracks on a fine album). The album is produced by Ronnie Stewart, who appears to have added his instrumental touches throughout the recording --he even plays dobro here(!). TEARDROP INN, GOOD DAY TO RUN, FALL UPON HIM, etc.