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MARTY RAYBON & FULL CIRCLE 'This That & The Other'

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Raybon, who is better known as a country artist, demonstrates his Bluegrass beginnings on this excellent, generally nicely produced record. The songs are well chosen from a variety of sources, and Raybon is a strong singer with an authoritative, soulful voice, and for a Bluegrass audience this is his strongest recording yet. He is backed nicely by a variety of musicians, of which Booie Beach, Scott Napier, Phil Leadbetter and Daniel Grindstaff will be the most recognizable names to the Bluegrass audience. The only thing not to our liking here is the presence of very heavy drums on 4 or 5 tracks. One track --YOU GET ME --also has a bit of piano and steel guitar, but it is still a successful track, even with the superfluous percussion. Nice versions of BLACKJACK COUNTY CHAIN and EVERYBODY'S REACHING OUT.