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PATT & POSSUM 'Hoe-Downs, Hornpipes & Hokum' CWM-003-CD

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Here is another compact disc re-issue of a 1994 cassette from the old Marimac label. Charlie Walden is an excellent fiddler from Missouri who had another recent CD listed in our last Newsletter (CWM-002, $ 13.99). This one is a bit different as he achieves more of a New England sound, with piano as a second instrument, played very nicely by Ms. Patt Plunkett. There are a few "jig" type tunes like LITTLE BURNT POTATO, but most of the pieces will be quite recognizable to fans of rural fiddle music, with well played versions of PADDY ON THE RAILROAD, OLD HEN CACKLE, FORKED DEER, LADY OF THE LAKE, MARTHA CAMPBELL, etc. There are 21 tunes in all.