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Generally considered one of the top 4 or 5 guitarists in the Bluegrass/acoustic genre, Sutton is joined by a host of top flight musicians on this excellent collection of tunes and songs that is both relaxed and tasteful. There are only 10 tracks here, but all range from 3 and _ to 5-minutes, and there is plenty of variety. As one who is fascinated by what a "super" picker can do with traditional type tunes, I especially enjoyed Sutton's excellent version of Norman Blake's great CHURCH STREET BLUES (with Tim O'Brien doing the vocal & mandolin), KITCHEN GIRL (again with O'Brien, Pete Wernick & Nick Forster), and a neat duet with Chris Thile on GONNA LAY DOWN MY OLD GUITAR (on which Sutton actually sings the lead). DARK ISLAND, a guitar duet with Russ Barenberg is a more modern tune but is equally tasteful, as is the up tempo WONDER VALLEY GIRLS (the notes fail to credit whoever is playing the old-time banjo on this piece (Tim O'Brien?)). An excellent and enjoyable CD from a top musician.

Track list:
1 Morning Top 4:24
2 Big Island Hornpipe 3:48
3 Rye Straw Suite 4:50
4 Church Street Blues 3:39
5 Le Pont De La Moustache 4:45
6 Dark Island 4:33
7 Wonder Valley Gals 2:43
8 Kitchen Girl 3:13
9 Loretta's Waltz 4:39
10 Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar 3:15