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VARIOUS 'Classic Country Music on the Bluebird Label' BACM-270-CD

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The British Archive label has put out several label anthologies among the over 250 titles in its extensive catalog, and this one is well done, with a nice sampling of music that was being played in the rural South in the 1930s by groups that never achieved the popularity of the Monroe Brothers, Mainers, Blue Sky Boys and Delmore Brothers, etc. There are 24 tracks that include a couple each by the Happy Go Lucky Boys (a fine Steve Ledford trio), the Southern Melody Boys, Byron Parker's Mountaineers, the Rouse Brothers, J.H. Howell, Frank Gerald & Howard Dixon, Pink Lindsey and others. A couple of tracks that are particularly nice are OVER IN THE GLORYLAND and I AM ON MY WAY TO HEAVEN by Virginia's Hill Brothers & Simmons, (with guitar and autoharp). There's a good amount of interesting and enjoyable music here for the old-time fan.