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This 3-CD set that includes some 80 tunes and songs is a wonderful retrospective of, and tribute to, a fine and very important band that has had an extensive influence on the Old-Time, Bluegrass, and American music scene in general (Bob Dylan is among those who credit the NLCR for inspiration). Starting some 50 years ago, and learning from old 78s as well as visits with surviving musicians of the "golden Age" of commercial recordings, this trio (Mike Seeger, John Cohen & Tom Paley --later Tracy Schwarz) introduced a generation of urban listeners to the treasures of old-time rural American music. Importantly, they showed a real respect for the music, as well as a love for songs and tunes that others might have seen as merely "quaint". They made over a dozen LP albums for the Folkways label of Mo Asch, from which this set was compiled. Although at first the CD-sized package looks not very imposing, on opening the set one sees a very nicely done job of arranging and presenting this collection: There are 3 CDs, and each disc has its own 24 to 40-page booklet of notes, the first two annotated by Jon Pankake and the third by Ray Allen. About half of the third disc is devoted to artists whom the NLCR discovered or helped popularize, people like Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb, Cousin Emmy, Eck Robertson, Kilby Snow, Sara & Maybelle Carter, Elizabeth Cotton, Tom Ashley and the Balfa Brothers. Hats off to everyone connected with this superb project --it's a beauty!.