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BLUE SKY BOYS 'Are You From Dixie?' GUSTO-0549-CD

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This budget album contains both of the records (LPs) that the Blue Sky Boys cut for the Starday label when they came out of retirement briefly in 1963. (They were preceded by a Starday re-issue of some radio show transcriptions that served to introduce this brother duo to a new audience). When the two LPs were cut --one secular and one sacred --a simple fiddle & bass accompaniment was used on the gospel LP (entitled PRECIOUS MOMENTS); it was definitely more in keeping with the brothers' old sound and proved to be better received by the public. The secular LP included some drums and steel guitar by Pete Drake --not really that intrusive, but totally unnecessary. The songs on both sessions were all good ones, and the 28 pieces include 4 songs never previously issued: WORRIED MIND, DON'T LET YOUR SWEET LOVE DIE, BEHIND THESE PRISON WALLS OF LOVE and I WISH I HAD NEVER SEEN SUNSHINE