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FRANK FAIRFIELD 'Frank Fairfield'- CD

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This is a very strange release, especially for a more-or-less "major label" --(the TOMPKINS SQUARE label has recently given us the impressive box sets PEOPLE TAKE WARNING and a RED FOX CHASERS 2-CD compilation). Here there are no notes, no identification of the artist, and no title. On top of that, the listing of songs is divided into "Side A" (6 tracks) and "Side B" (another 5 tracks) as if this was an old vinyl LP (!). It is old-time music, with Mr. Fairfield singing and accompanying himself on old-time banjo, fiddle or guitar. His singing and phrasing on NINE POUND HAMMER, CUMBERLAND GAP and FAIR MARGARET & SWEET WILLIAM is vaguely reminiscent of Bascom Lunsford, and the whole thing makes pretty nice listening, but it would be nice to know something about the artist, and maybe some notes to the songs! BLACKBERRY BLOSSOMS, DYING COWBOY, OLD PAINT, etc.