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All old-time and Bluegrass musicians have heard all about "3 Chord songs" --usually in a belittling way. New England songster, guitarist and auto-harp player Reid has gone this one better by putting together this intriguing collection of 56 Two-Chord songs that is a real boon to anyone just starting out to learn guitar. Neat thing is, most of these songs will be familiar to old-time and Bluegrass fans, and for those learning, keys and chords are provided, along with vocals by Reid and Joyce Anderson. This is all wonderfully presented in a 76-page hard back book that features a lot of nice old photos as well. Someone has put a lot of loving work and care into this package. Some of the songs are TOM DOOLEY, I'LL GO STEPPING TOO, WILD BILL JONES, OLD BLUE, JOHN HENRY, LITTLE MAGGIE, OH DEATH, KENTUCKY, MEMPHIS, SINGLE GIRL, BLACK JACK DAVY, RAMBLIN' MAN , THE CUCKOO, etc. Another very nice feature is a list of other versions of each song (for example, 16 other versions of LITTLE BIRDIE are listed, from John Hammond to Red Allen to Ralph Stanley and Ola Belle Reed). This is not exactly an instructional recording, although it would be an excellent tool for those just learning guitar --it's an enjoyable musical experience as well. 5-CD set & book: $ 39.00