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STEWART FAMILY 'Original Country Gospel' GUSTO-0964-CD

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A welcome release of eleven gospel songs by this family that was popular for a short time in the late 1940s. Unfortunately there are no notes or credits for this CD, and the group had come and gone by the time there started to be a serious interest in Bluegrass music, so the group remains a mystery for the most part. Not that this is Bluegrass, but the group had a "down-home" quality (backed mainly just by guitar, and featuring a good female lead singer), and their sound would have had an appeal for many Bluegrass fans and those who enjoyed groups like the Brown's Ferry Four. Recording for the 4-STAR and GILT EDGE labels, they had a minor hit in TATTLER'S WAGON, and had nice versions of LITTLE COMMUNITY CHURCH, SOFTLY & TENDERLY, and I'LL MEET YOU IN THE MORNING, among others.