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VARIOUS 'The Henry Reed Legacy'

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The late fiddler Henry Reed, of Glen Lyn, Virginia, has become something of a legend in old-time music, thanks in great part to the work of Alan Jabbour, who learned many tunes from Mr. Reed, and popularized them through his recordings as part of the Hollow Rock String Band and later groups. This new DVD tells Reed's story through interviews with immediate members of his family and others. Reed's fiddling can be heard in the background as his friends and family discuss not only his fiddling, but his character and way of life in general. Unfortunately, it seems there was never any film or video done on Reed, or I'm sure some of it would turn up here. The packaging states that the DVD contains tunes recorded by "The Reed Family" in 1963, but there's not as much real focus on Reed's fiddling as we would like to hear. Still interesting.