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CROWE, LAWSON & WILLIAMS 'Old Friends Get Together' MH-12922-CD

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Three of the finest artists to ever play Bluegrass music take part in this wonderful tribute to the late Jimmy Martin. J.D. Crowe, Paul Williams and Doyle Lawson were all members of some of Jimmy Martin's best bands, and with him they had a great appreciation for gospel songs. The dozen numbers that they play here were all key pieces of Martin's repertoire, and it's great to hear them once again as played and sung by a group of Bluegrass superstars. Ronnie Stewart plays fiddle, Ben Isaacs plays bass, and Cia Cherryholmes and Sonya Isaacs supply high harmony vocals on some of the cuts, which include PRAY THE CLOUDS AWAY, VOICE OF MY SAVIOUR, GOODBYE, WHO'LL SING FOR ME, and the classic STORMY WATERS. Great music!