NORMAN BLAKE "Fields of November/Old and New" FF-70004-CD

NORMAN BLAKE "Fields of November/Old and New" FF-70004-CD

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Flying Fish had an awkward way of combining some of their old LPs for CD issue: on this one, for example you might well not realize until you open the disc that it includes Blake's FIELDS OF NOVEMBER (the picture and the number used would indicate just the latter). In any case, you are getting two "records" for the price of one here, and two very good ones at that. FIELDS OF NOVEMBER has always been my favorite of Blake's, not only for the beautiful title piece, but because every cut is excellent. All the pieces are Blake originals and especially nice are GREEN LEAF FANCY, SOUTHERN RR BLUES, LORD WON'T YOU HELP ME, UNCLE, THE OLD BROWN CASE, and the lovely (and underrated) LAST TRAIN FROM POOR VALLEY. While the 15 cuts from OLD & NEW are not quite as strong, they are still consistent and enjoyable. Blake enjoys strong help on the sessions from wife Nancy, Charlie Collins, and Tut Taylor (dobro).

Track Listing:

  • Green Leaf Fancy
  • Last Train from Poor Valley
  • White Oak Swamp
  • Graycoat Soldiers
  • Southern Railroad Blues
  • Lord Won't You Help Me
  • Krazy Kurtis
  • Coming Down from Rising Fawn
  • Uncle
  • The Old Brown Case
  • The Fields of November
  • Widow's Creek
  • Bristol in the Bottle
  • Billy Gray
  • Forked Deer
  • Cuckoo's Nest
  • Witch of the Wave
  • My Old Home on the Green Mountain Side
  • Miller's Reel
  • Dry Grass on the High Fields
  • Harvey's Reel
  • The Railroad Days
  • Valley Head
  • Sweet Heaven
  • Ajimina
  • Flat Rock