CLARENCE WHITE 'White Lightnin' SIERRA-6030-CD

CLARENCE WHITE 'White Lightnin' SIERRA-6030-CD

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This album focuses on Clarence White's electric string bending guitar skills that defined 'Country Rock' during the late 60s, early 70s before his tragic accident which took his life in 1973.


  1. No Title Yet Blues
  2. Tuff and Stringy (The Roustabouts-1967)
  3. Tango for a Sad Mood
  4. Buckaroo
  5. Tuff and Stringy (The Byrds - 1970-71)
  6. Yesterday's Train
  7. Sally Goodin Meets the Byrds
  8. Oakridge Tennessee
  9. Louisiana Redbone
  10. Birmingham
  11. Freeborn Man
  12. Dear Landlord
  13. Cuckoo Bird
  14. From Eden to Canaan
  15. I'm On My Way Home Again (Take 1)
  16. I'm On My Way Home Again (Silver Meteor Album)
  17. White's Lightning
  18. Around the Barn