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Here's another of those outstanding, youthful, talented groups that we're likely to hear much more from in the future. It's a 5-member band if you count the 5-year old Owen Snyder, who sings the last of the 13 numbers. But basically the focus is on 16 year old Zeb Snyder, who is already a really hot flat pick guitarist, and his 12 year old sister Samantha, who is already a good fiddler and a competent vocalist. Six of the recordings here are instrumentals that show off the kids' considerable talents. ANGELINA BAKER and I AM A PILGRIM are two tracks that are especially effective.


  • Samantha Snyder
  • Zeb Snyder
  • Bud Snyder
  • Laine Snyder
  • Owen Snyder

Track Listing:

  • Stages
  • Goose Down Pillow
  • The Perfect Sacrifice
  • Original Untitled-Instrumental
  • Daddy's Gone
  • Creekslide
  • I Am A Pilgrim
  • Call Me the Breeze
  • Wren's Waltz
  • Lord Don't Forsake Me
  • Sarah Joy
  • Angelina Baker
  • The Blendy Burke (Bonus track with Owen Snyder)