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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Close Kin - A Reunion of Bluegrass & Old-Time Music'

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While there are a fair number of Bluegrass fans who are not crazy about Old Time music and the opposite as well, there are plenty of people who can and do enjoy and appreciate both Bluegrass and Old-time music, and what better place to find such folks (and such musicians) than Southwestern Virginia and Northwestern North Carolina. The Mountain Roads label has done a nice thing here by gathering good musicians of both types and letting them at a great bunch of old traditional songs & tunes --they have produced some wonderful music here. Some of the musicians are Adam Steffey, Eddie Bond (old-time fiddle), Johnny & Jeanette Williams, Zeb Snyder, Jerry Correll, Dale Morris and Tim White. And some of the 16 numbers they play include CHILLY WINDS, HOLLY DING, WISE COUNTY JAIL, SUGAR HILL, OLD HORSE & BUGGY, WITH TEARS IN MY EYES, etc. Johnny & Jeanette Williams do some of the strongest singing that we've heard them do, and it sounds like everyone is having a darn good time. Lots of really nice music here!