CARL SMITH 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' (5 CD Set) BCD-15849-5-CD

CARL SMITH 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' (5 CD Set) BCD-15849-5-CD

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CD 1-5:

1 Guilty Conscience
2 I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
3 My Lonely Heart's Runnin' Wild
4 Washing My Dreams In Tears
5 I Overlooked An Orchid
6 This Side Of Heaven
7 I Won't Be At Home
8 Mr. Moon
9 If Teardrops Were Pennies
10 There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby
11 Let's Live A Little
12 Me And My Broken Heart
13 Don't Just Stand There
14 Please Come Back Home
15 There'll Never Be Another Mary
16 My Lonely Heart's Runnin' Wild
17 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
18 The Little Girl In My Home Town
19 I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
20 Are You Teasing Me
21 That's The Kind Of Love I'm Looking For
22 The Nail-Scarred Hand
23 We Shall Meet Some Day
24 How About You
25 The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross
26 Gethsemane
27 Softly And Tenderly
28 Amazing Grace
29 I'll be List'ning
30 Our Honeymoon
31 Sing Her A Love Song
32 Lovin' Is Livin'
33 I Want To Take My Baby Home With Me
34 Trademark
35 This Orchid Means Goodbye
36 Just Wait 'Til I Get You Alone
37 Do I Like It?
38 Darlin' Am I The One
39 Hey Joe!
40 If You Tried As Hard To Love Me
41 Love Oh Crazy Love (& JUNE CARTER)
42 Time's A Wastin' (& JUNE CARTER)
43 No Second Chance
44 Satisfaction Guaranteed
45 The House That Love Built
46 Who'll Buy My Heartaches
47 Oh, No
48 What Am I Going To Do With You
49 Dog-Gone It, Baby, I'm In Love
50 If I Could Hold Back The Dawn
51 Back Up Buddy
52 Look What Thought's Done To Me
53 I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
54 Lovin' Is Livin'
55 Go, Boy, Go
56 More Than Anything Else In The World
57 If You Saw Her Through My Eyes
58 No I Don't Believe I Will
59 Loose Talk
60 Time Changes Everything
61 Baby I'm Ready
62 Kisses Don't Lie
63 Wait A Little Longer Please, Jesus
64 Works Of The Lord
65 Answers
66 My Dream Of The Old Rugged Cross
67 I Just Don't Care Any More
68 Oh Stop !
69 Baby I'm Ready
70 There's A Bottle Where She Used To Be
71 Wicked Lies
72 Old Lonesome Times
73 I've Changed
74 There She Goes
75 No Second Chance
76 Come Back To Me
77 Don't Tease Me
78 If You Do Dear
79 I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
80 I Feel Like Cryin'
81 You're Free To Go
82 Outlaw
83 Snowdeer
84 Doorstep To Heaven
85 You Are The One
86 If You Want It, I've Got It
87 Before I Met You
88 Mr. Moon (alt)
89 San Antonio Rose
90 Live And Let Live
91 You Are My Sunshine
92 Steel Guitar Rag
93 This World Is Not My Home
94 Standing On The Promises
95 Old Camp Meeting Days
96 When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
97 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
98 That's The Way I Like You Best
99 I Won't Be Mad, I'll Be Glad
100 That's What You Think
101 Pass Me Not
102 Glory Land Way
103 Anywhere Is Home
104 When They Ring Them Golden Bells
105 No Trespassing
106 Try To Take It Like Man
107 Mr. Lost
108 Happy Street
109 Amazing Grace
110 Why, Why
111 Emotions
112 You're So Easy To Love
113 You're Name Is Beautiful
114 Dry Your Darling's Eyes
115 The Best Years Of Your Life
116 Slowly
117 More And More
118 I Overlooked An Orchid
119 Let's Live A Little
120 Mr. Moon
121 Night Train To Memphis
122 Honky Tonk Man
123 Hang Your Head In Shame
124 I Love You A Thousand Ways
125 Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
126 If Teardrops Were Pennies
127 We're Not Going Steady Anymore
128 Guess I've Been Around Too Long
129 Goodnight Mister Sun
130 Walking The Slow Walk
131 A Love Was Born
132 It's All My Heartache
133 Lonely Girl
134 I'll Kiss The Past Goodbye
135 Be Good To Her
136 Ten Thousand Drums
137 The Tall, Tall Gentleman
138 I'll Walk With You
139 Tomorrow Night
140 Make The Waterwheel Roll
141 Past
142 I Betcha My Heart I Love You
143 It's A Lovely, Lovely World