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DEL MCCOURY BAND 'Old Memories - Songs of Bill Monroe' MCM-0016-CD

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Sub-titled "The songs of Bill Monroe" this is a superb 16 song collection that will please any Del McCoury fan and any fan of Bill Monroe. It's a tribute to Monroe by one of the best of the many fine lead singers that were members of the Blue Grass Boys over Monroe's long and illustrious career. We're glad to see there are no attempts here to change or "interpret" any of the material --the recordings are very close to the originals and we can't think of any artist today who could do a better job than McCoury on great songs like CLOSE BY, IN DESPAIR, USED TO BE, ROSE OF OLD KENTUCKY, Y'ALL COME , LIVE & LET LIVE, JOHN HENRY, and I'M BLUE, I'M LONESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!