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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Country Music Ladies of the 1950s' BACM-366-CD

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The British Archive label has done collectors a real service by putting out many collections of obscure country & old-time music that the major labels would never touch, but some of these releases are of really limited interest. This is one in that category. Most of the 7 ladies featured here had good or at least interesting voices that could command attention, but never really had the benefit of good material to work with. This album is just a reminder of how many really mediocre and junky songs were being foisted on up and coming country artists in the 1940s and 50s. The women featured on this record include Helen Carter, Margie Bowes, Myrna Lorrie, Alvadean Coker and Harvie June Van. It would seem that an anthology like this would have been much more impressive had it featured singers like Daisy Mae, Anita Carter, Bonnie Lou (of Bonnie Lou & Buster), Hazel Houser, etc. And, we can't understand why the record didn't at least include Harvie June Van's THE LIGHTS ARE GROWING DIM, a song and performance better than anything on this re-issue.