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CROOKED STILL 'Some Strange Country'

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This, the 5th recording to be issued by this distinctive band, is quite similar in style to their previous releases, all of which we have given high praise to. Check out our website reviews of any of their other albums for an idea of what makes this group so distinctive. As before, the singing is handled in superb fashion by Aoife O'Donovan, and Tristan Clarridge's cello is a key part of the overall sound. In our opinion, the biggest difference between this disc and the earlier four is in the choice of material. While the group still features a few of the ancient classics that they do so well (HENRY LEE, I'M TROUBLED, and GOLDEN VANITY), many of the other songs lack the definition and impact of most of the tracks on their earlier records. Still, they handle everything well. COLD MOUNTAINS, CALVARY, YOU WERE GONE, DISTRESS, etc.