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BRADLEY KINCAID 'A Man and His Guitar 1927-1950'

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It is curious how much tastes have changed over the years when it comes to rural music. Groups that were totally obscure in the 1920s are heroes today, while some of the most popular entertainers of that time are almost forgotten now. Bradley Kincaid in the late 1920s was one of the 4 or 5 most popular country artists: he was a regular performer on WLS radio and later WSM's Opry, as well as other top radio stations, he sold thousands of records and was the first rural artist to cash in on the sale of song books that were advertised over the radio --his first few song folios went into many printings and surely sold in the 6-figure range if not higher (he eventually put out 13 different songbooks). But even with a magnificent array of old traditional songs, his music has never really struck a chord with today's old time music fans. His simple guitar playing was just rudimentary, and his singing, while pleasant, lacked the color and character of down home musicians like Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family or Cliff Carlisle, or even Gene Autry. This 100 track compilation (4-CD set) covers just about all of his career which extended from 1927 to the early 1950s. Because he recorded for several labels there are multiple versions of many of the songs, including 3 very similar versions each of BARBARA ALLEN, THE FATAL WEDDING and THE BLIND GIRL. Kincaid was certainly more than a footnote in the history of rural American music, and it's good to have a comprehensive collection like this available. With a good set of notes by Pat Harrison.