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RAY EDWARDS 'Portrait of a Bluegrass Songwriter' RUR-1106-CD

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There's plenty of good solid Bluegrass on this 12-song production, with the one constant being the fact that Edwards has written or co-written all the songs on the record. There's an interesting and impressive list of talent here, as Edwards' songs are given good treatment by different bands for each song. These include IIIRD TYME OUT, DARRELL WEBB, CAROLINA ROAD, GRASSTOWNE, SPECIAL CONSENSUS, JEANETTE WILLIAMS and MONROEVILLE. A negative aspect that we must point out is the lack of any real information about Edwards (as far as we know he was a North Carolinian who left that state years ago to pursue a successful career as a songwriter in Nashville). The record comes with a 10-panel insert in which song titles, composer credits, and words to the songs all run together, creating a jumble that is very difficult to read --with a better layout there could have been room for a bit of personal detail about Edwards himself. Probably the best known song of his that appears on this record is HARD ROCK MOUNTAIN PRISON, done superbly by RUSSELL MOORE and IIIRD TYME OUT.