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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Return of the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of' YAZOO-2203-CD

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The original offering of this concept --also a 2-CD set --focused on the extreme rarity of some recently discovered "one of a kind" old 78s that really excite dyed-in-the-wool collectors. It proved to be a popular seller, leading to this "second helping" -- however here the emphasis is just on great music rather than extreme rarity (not to say that the original 78s used for this set are common). There are 46 songs and tunes in this amazing set --not one of them less than excellent
music. Mostly classic old-time recordings from the late 1920s and early 30s, they include some super blues, Cajun and ethnic as well. Although many serious fans of old time music may already have quite a few of these recordings on other records and compilations, we doubt that anyone will have them all, and even if you have much of this material, the two CDs will be a thrill to have in one place for repeat listening (the sound quality --as in all Yazoo reissues -- is fine). What makes this of special interest to collectors, is a great 54-page booklet of notes that details the interaction of those early aficionados who first saw the artistic merit and value of the old 78s, and their excitement in finding hitherto unknown musical gems. Even those who don't recognize the names of the early collectors (Pete Whelan, James McKune, Dick Spottswood, Bernie Klatzko, etc.) will find their stories & recollections fascinating. We could spend a couple of pages in pointing out the musical gems here, but just to mention a few of the groups & artists included: Eck Robertson, B.F. Shelton, Charley Patton, The Carver Boys, Carter Brothers & Son, Fiddlin' Powers, Lottie Kimbrough, J.P. Nester, Dennis McGee, etc. Whether you are a fanatical collector or just a real lover of great old time music, this is something special.