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ADAM STEFFEY ' New Primitive' MH-OR-1469-CD

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As soon as you put this disc in the player, you know you are in for a real treat. Here we have one of the very best musicians of the day (leader of the supergroup the Boxcars) playing a dynamic, inspired, wonderful set of classic old pieces, tunes that have contributed mightily to the popularity and longevity of rural American music. No need to categorize this as Bluegrass or Old-time, it has the best elements of both. Steffey is a master of the mandolin, and a look at the tune titles might make one think that this was going to be a fiddle record. But Steffey has combined with his wife Tina (banjo), Barry Bales (bass), Eddie Bond (fiddle) and members of the outstanding Snyder Family, Zeb on guitar and Samantha (fiddle & vocal) in a well recorded, vibrant collection of 13 tunes that include JOHNNY DON'T GET DRUNK, CHINQUAPIN HUNTING, BIG EYED RABBIT, RALEIGH AND SPENCER, ROCK THE CRADLE JOE, CLUCK OLD HEN and NEW FIVE CENT PIECE (every cut is a gem). For those who might worry that the older music is being gradually nudged out by slicker contemporary sounds, no need to worry: as long as there are artists like Steffey who truly understand and appreciate the wonderful traditions we have been given, the music will live on in a most healthy fashion. Our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!