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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Imaginational Anthem Volume 6 - Origins of American Primitive Guitar' TSQ-2851-CD

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Those who like old-time guitar picking will welcome this new release from the Tompkins Square label. It contains 14 cuts that came out on 78rpm records from the mid 1920s to the early 1930s. Artists featured here are such well known names as Riley Puckett, Frank Hutchison and Sam McGee, plus some lesser known but equally worthy pickers like Lemuel Turner, Bayless Rose and Davy Miller. An important early recording here is the original GUITAR RAG by Sylvester Weaver --this performance led to later, more famous versions by Leon McAullife (STEEL GUITAR RAG) and others. This is a fine old time re-issue with excellent sound quality. KNOXVILLE BLUES, JAILHOUSE RAG, CANNON BALL RAG, FUZZY RAG, BUCK DANCER'S CHOICE, etc.