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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Country Music on the Cozy Label Volume 1' BACM-439-CD


The COZY label was a country music company started by gospel singing coal miner John Bava in the town of Davis, West Virginia. He started the label in 1947, and carried on until well into the 1970s, issuing nearly 300 records (mostly gospel), first on 78s, and later on 45rpm singles. Most of the records are very rare today, with previously unknown discs still turning up occasionally today in the hands of serious collectors. Unfortunately, much of the music released on COZY was mediocre, amateurish country & western fare, but there were some really nice "down home" efforts that today are precious to collectors & fans. We hope that some more of the best of this interesting label will show up on the planned Volume 2 of this series. As for what appears on this compilation, there are two cuts by the early Lonesome Pine Fiddlers (the first record by the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, PAIN IN MY HEART and LONESOME SAD & BLUE). These were later released on the Coral label and are available elsewhere. New to this listener are two good cuts by Red Belcher & the Kentucky Ridge Runners (Belcher --who played banjo --was a fairly well known fixture at WWVA and other West Virginia radio stations in the 1930s and 40s, who also recorded on the PAGE label with the Lilly Brothers & Tex Logan). The songs Belcher does here are AIN'T GONNA LET OLD SATAN TURN ME ROUND and a cover of Hank Snow's famous I'M MOVIN' ON. Another noteworthy track is LONESOME & BLUE by Lee Bailey, Eddie King and Cookie's Skyline Patrol Boys (wow!) who feature a nice mandolin & guitar backup to their singing. There are 26 songs & tunes on this disc, but really only a handful of real interest.


  1. ARIZONA HERE I COME - Jack Swanson
  2. IF I'D LISTENED TO MY MOTHER - Whispering Strings Band
  4. TEARDROPS AND EMPTY ARMS - Western Swingbillies
  5. A HEART ONCE BROKEN - Western Swingbillies
  6. HONEY, YOU'RE LETTING ME DOWN - Bob Mason's Western Swingbillies
  7. LONESOME AND BLUE - Lee Bailey, Eddie King, Cookie's Skyline Patrol Boys
  8. I'M NOT THE FOOL I USED TO BE - Mason Ayers & His West Virginians
  9. DIDDIE WAH DIDDIE - Mason Ayers & His West Virginians
  10. I WANT TO BE WANTED BY SOMEONE - Cousin Bob Nicholson & Lonely River Boys
  11. I KNOW YOU'LL NEVER BE MY OWN - Cousin Bob Nicholson & Lonely River Boys
  12. PLEASE DON'T GO - Drifting Pioneers
  13. TWO BROKEN HEARTS - Drifting Pioneers
  14. MY NAME IS TICKLISH RUBIN - Dusty Shaver
  15. SACRED COAL MINER - Dorse Lewis
  16. PAIN IN MY HEART - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers
  17. LONESOME SAD AND BLUE - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers
  18. THREE LITTLE WORDS - Bob Mason's Western Swingbillies
  19. OUR U.S. VOLUNTEERS - Old Brother Charlie & Daisy Mae
  20. OUR UNITED NATIONS FLAG - Old Brother Charlie & Daisy Mae
  21. JUST A HAND FULL OF MEMORIES - Bob Mason's Western Swingbillies
  22. MOVE ON GAL - Bob Mason's Western Swingbillies
  23. I AIN'T GONNA LET OLD SATAN TURN ME ROUND - Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridge Runners
  24. I'M MOVING ON - Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridge Runners
  26. COWHAND STOMP (INSTRUMENTAL) - Hank the Cowhand