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DARRELL WEBB BAND 'Dream Big' - A 20 Year Celebration


Top flight traditional Bluegrass here by Webb, who is celebrating 20 years in the business with this release. Now part of the excellent group Sideline (with Steve Dilling and others), Webb is a former member of the groups Lonesome River Band, J.D. Crowe and Rhonda Vincent. Appropriately enough Webb is joined by 20 top Bluegrass musicians including Ronnie Bowman, Shawn Lane, Tim Stafford, Sammy Shelor, Rob Ickes, Terry Eldredge, Rhonda and Darrin Vincent, Jason Burleson and Phil Leadbetter. Known for his mandolin playing as well as his vocals, Webb picks a bit of banjo and guitar here as well. The ten songs here include the well known FLYING SOUTH TO DIXIE and PRETTY POLLY: others are a good variety of newer material.