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CROWE, LAWSON & WILLIAMS 'Standing Tall and Tough' MH-15022-CD

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Three former members of Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys' join together on this superb recording a companion piece to the wonderful all gospel album that they cut earlier ('Old Friends Get Together', MH-1292). These 'old pros' show us traditional Bluegrass as it used to be played and sung by the top musicians in the Bluegrass world. Just listen to Paul Williams' vocal on HILLS OF ROANE COUNTY enough to send chills down your spine! The dozen songs they have picked out are all classics of one type or another: they include THOSE GONE & LEFT ME BLUES, FRAULEIN and BLUE MEMORIES, as well as three old Louvin Brothers numbers that are the highlights of a great CD: INSURED BEYOND THE GRAVE, DO YOU LIVE WHAT YOU PREACH and DON'T LAUGH. This is wonderful straight Bluegrass at its best and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!