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CHARLIE STAMPER 'Glory to the Meeting House' JA-087-CD

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Charlie is the brother of the late Art Stamper, and son of Hiram Stamper (a well known old time fiddler). If that isn't enough to call attention to his playing, be aware that Stamper came from that region of eastern Kentucky that also produced Bobby and Marion Sumner, to say nothing of Kenny Baker and his fiddle playing father. Now into his mid 80s, Charlie does a competent job with banjo and guitar backing (the recordings here were made in 2014, according to the notes). Some of the 29 tracks are short spoken introductions to the tunes or reminiscences of where and whom they were learned from. Stamper plays such tunes as CATTLE IN THE CANE, DRUNKEN BILLY GOAT, FROSTY MORNING, BUCK CREEK GIRLS, SOURWOOD MOUNTAIN, KITCHEN GIRL, and of course the title tune --which was a Stamper family favorite.