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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Country Music on the Excellent Label - Volume 2' BACM-473-CD


The British Archive of Country Music has been doing a good job in documenting some of the more obscure record labels (mostly of the 1940s and 50s), and they are just now turning their attention to the interesting EXCELLENT label, which was based in Ohio. The casual country or Bluegrass record fan needs to be aware that much of the music from these early local or regional companies is strictly mediocre, but at least on this volume there are a number of cuts that could be of interest to lovers of funky, odd-ball country music. For the fan of early Bluegrass there are a couple of good tracks by Harlan & Stanley The Wright Brothers, including WHAT CAN I DO and CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOME --the latter picked up later by the Stanley Brothers and others --catch the wonderful mandolin break on this piece. Dave Woolum and Noah Crase will be familiar names to some longtime 'grass' fans, as will the Logan Valley Boys --later known as Harley Gabbard and Aubrey Holt --the song FAMILY REUNION is done by them here in this early version. There are also 5 instrumentals by Ray Lunsford in his primitive but distinctive electric mandolin style (CARROLL COUNTY BLUES, BLUE GRASS BLUES, SHEILA, MOUNT VERNON RAG, etc). And here is where you will find another version of the TRAGEDY OF SCHOOL BUS 27, to compare with the Stanley Brothers' NO SCHOOL BUS IN HEAVEN about the same tragic event in eastern Kentucky. Not a great record, but there are some interesting items here. (IMPORT)


  1. BLUE GRASS BLUES - Ray Lunsford
  2. UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE - Ray Lunsford
  3. ROCK AND ROLL COUNTRY STYLE - Logan Valley Boys
  4. WILD ROSE - Logan Valley Boys
  5. DON'T BLAME ME - Dave Woolum & Noah Crase
  6. JIMMIE BROWN THE NEWSBOY - Dave Woolum & Noah Crase
  7. JEALOUS HEART - Rogers Sisters
  8. MY MISERY - Rogers Sisters
  9. FAMILY REUNION - Logan & Laurel County Boys
  10. LET THE SAVIOUR IN - Logan & Laurel County Boys
  11. HELP YOURSELF - Eddie Adams & Mountain Rhythm Boys
  12. HAVE YOU BEEN TO SEE YOUR MOTHER - Eddie Adams & Mountain Rhythm Boys
  13. MOUNT VERNON RAG - Ray Lunsford
  14. CARROLL COUNTY BLUES - Ray Lunsford
  15. I'M SORRY - Tommie Lee & Kentucky Drifters
  16. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS - Tommie Lee & Mildred Edwards & Kentucky Drifters
  17. SHE'S AN ANGEL WAY UP THERE - Cumberland Valley Boys
  18. HANDWRITING ON THE WALL - Cumberland Valley Boys
  19. CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOME - Harlan & Stanley & The Wright Brothers
  20. WHAT CAN I DO - Harlan & Stanley & The Wright Brothers
  21. DREAMLAND - Rondell Barker & Rainbow Drifters
  22. COURTIN' UNDER THE MOON - Rondell Barker & Rainbow Drfiters
  23. I LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF THE WORLD - Dunbar Faris & Gene Muse with J. D. Faris The Fox Valley Gang
  24. YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ME - Dunbar Faris & Gene Muse with J. D. Faris The Fox Valley Gang
  25. YOU AIN'T NEVER GONNA CHANGE - Indez Hellman
  26. I GOTTA LIVE WITH ME - Index Hellman
  27. TRAGEDY OF SCHOOL BUS 27 - Ralph Bowman
  28. SHEILA - Ray Lunsford
  29. A BLIND DATE - Frank Deskins & His National Ramblers
  30. SOME BRIGHT TOMORROW - Frank Deskins & His National Ramblers