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KITTY AMARAL 'Fiddle Gems' SD-101-CD


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Don't let the fact that this gal was only 12 years old at the time of recording fool you- Ms. Amaral is a very good fiddler who has learned well from such southwest Virginia teachers as Jerry Correll, Wayne Henderson, Carl Jones, Adam Hurt and Ron Mullenex. This record presents 19 tunes, many of them lesser known, and all nicely played with tasteful old time backing that varies from just guitar, to full string band.Tunes include YELLOW HEIFER, LONESOME POLLY ALL,TIE HACKER TUNE, DEVIL ON DRY RIVER, MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER, BIG JOHN McNEIL, TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN FOX CHASE, FLATWOODS, DURHAM'S BULL, RYMER'S FAVORITE, BAD LIQUOR, LITTLE DAZE ROBERTSON etc. Fiddle tunings are provided where necessary.