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This early Bluegrass band was active in the Boston area from 1959 to 1968 --one of the first groups of young, urban musicians who took to the music and helped popularize it regionally. The group was made up of college students and included Bob Siggins on banjo, and they were sometimes joined by Joe Val and/or Tex Logan. The notes --by Brian Chalker -- give a brief but good summary of the band's career --though we certainly would not agree that the band's 1966 "Beatle Country" album was "as groundbreaking as Earl Scruggs' banjo technique in Bill Monroe's band" The collection here contains 29 songs & tunes, mostly taken from the band's Folklore album from 1962, with 8 other pieces from the Prestige record of 1962. The songs are a mixture of Bluegrass and Old time.