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HARRY MCCLINTOCK 'Haywire Mac Volume 2' BACM-502-CD

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"Mac --best known for his popular BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN --was perhaps the most prolific of the so-called "Cowboy" singers who made 78rpm records in the late 1920s --mostly for the Victor label. This 24-cut CD features 12 of the songs McClintock put down in 1928, including SAM BASS, TEXAS RANGERS, COWBOY'S LAMENT, JESSE JAMES, RED RIVER VALLEY and GOODBYE OLD PAINT. The British Archive label has added another 12 songs to the disc (Almost all of their issues have 24 to 30 tracks --but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the other dozen here by Bill Cox, Bob Miller etc. (IMPORT)