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SPINNEY BROTHERS 'Living the Dream' MFR-160429-CD

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Although the Spinney Brothers come from Canada, they can no longer be considered just a local or regional group. They are present at more and more USA festivals, and deservedly so, as they have developed a nice, professional sound that will appeal to both traditional and contemporary fans of Bluegrass music. Many of their songs --both their originals and other well chosen pieces --tend to be on the sad or nostalgic side, which is just fine with this listener (and likely many others as well). Some of the more notable songs here are HOME, WHEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG (not the old time song), THE CHILDREN ARE CRYING, Randall Hylton's DIGGING IN THE GROUND, GOING HOME TO TENNESSEE and the fine Mark Brinkman song, LETTER TO MYSELF. (If you're not already familiar with this group, check out a couple of really good songs from previous albums: MY MUSIC COMES FROM BILL and PROUD TO BE YOUR DAD. Nice work here.