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There was talk of an album by this all girl band well over a year ago, but it's finally out now and it's a welcome addition, and will no doubt be an inspiration to many of the young female pickers who are gravitating into the Bluegrass scene these days. All five members of this group will pretty much be known to those who have been around the music the past few years --in short, there's a lot of experience here, and it's impressive to see these women working together as a team. Most of the vocals are handled by Dale Ann Bradley or Tina Adair, who are both right on the money (with the exception of the too frenetic NOT THIS TIME). Gena Britt plays a really sharp, driving banjo that should make many take notice, and Beth Lawrence (formerly with Mark Newton's band) handles the acoustic bass. Then there's the excellent fiddling of Deanie Richardson Richardson and Adair each contribute a couple of originals, but the picking and singing is more impressive than the choice of material on this disc.

Track List:
1 Unholy Water 3:22
2 Don't Tell Me Stories 2:32
3 Don't Let Me Cross Over 4:54
4 Ava's Fury 2:49
5 Falling 3:17
6 Now Forever's Gone 2:43
7 Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion 4:04
8 I May Be A Fool 2:10
9 Not This Time 2:50
10 All I Can Do 2:27
11 Mama's Room 3:50
12 Blood Red & Goin' Down 4:07