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AMANDA COOK 'Narrowing the Gap' MFR-200700-CD

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Narrowing The Gap is Amanda Cook’s 3rd full-length album with Mountain Fever Records, already having delivered three strong singles “Get On Board,” "West Virginia Coal,” and most recently “Lonesome Leaving Train”. The album title points to Amanda’s ability to keep her eye on track with the goals of her music career, which are solidly well rounded. Making a foundational move with her family to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia almost two years ago was not only a brave new step but also a strategic one in light of the needs of being a touring musician. Jay, Florida, her original hometown didn’t lend itself geographically to the road time she was aiming for. Committed band mates Carolyne VanLierop-Boone, Troy Boone, Aaron “Frosty” Foster, George Mason, and Josh Faul were all on board with her planning.

Track listing:

1 Get On Board 3:00
2 Lonesome Leaving Train 3:27
3 My Used To Be Blue Ridge Mountain Home 3:12
4 It Ain't Over Till It's Over 3:15
5 Burning Down The Mountain 3:50
6 Curtains 4:01
7 West Virginia Coal 3:21
8 Light In This World 2:51
9 When You Come Back Down 3:57
10 Where Are You Darlin' 3:08