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BALSAM RANGE 'The Gospel Collection' MH-18942-CD

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As befits a band that has been the same five for so long, Balsam Range is rock solid, consistently producing modern bluegrass with strong traditional and gospel overtones. The 14 songs on The Gospel Collection span a wealth of styles and writers from Bill Monroe to Dottie Rambo, driving bluegrass to exquisite vocal outings.

- Review by Art Menius


  1. Gonna Be Movin'
  2. Wide River to Cross
  3. The Boat of Love
  4. The Touch
  5. Stacking Up the Rocks
  6. Rise and Shine
  7. Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord
  8. Don't Take Me Tonight As I Am
  9. Row By Row
  10. The Holy Hills
  11. Place No Wreath
  12. Let My Life Be A Light
  13. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
  14. Wish You Were Here