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Home, Strings’ second studio album and his Rounder Records debut, is undoubtedly the Michigan-born, Nashville-based artist’s bravest excursion thus far, reshaping bluegrass into his own exceptional form, completely rewiring the aesthetic with elements of punk, country, folk rock, and genuine psychedelic exploration to fashion something altogether original and all his own. From the jump, Strings has infused bluegrass with his own experiences and inspirations, adopting traditional sonic and lyrical idioms to confront contemporary social truths. Songs like “Away From The Mire” and the remarkable title track are rooted in the past but as now as next week, animated by electrifying musicianship, inventive production, and Strings’ irrepressible ambition. Home marks a landmark on this constantly moving artist’s ongoing creative journey, its fearless songs and freewheeling approach recasting string-based American music in his own inimitable image

Track Listing:

  • 1. Taking Water
  • 2. Must Be Seven
  • 3. Running
  • 4. Away from the Mire
  • 5. Home
  • 6. Watch It Fall
  • 7. Long Forgotten Dream
  • 8. Highway Hypnosis
  • 9. Enough to Leave
  • 10. Hollow Heart
  • 11. Love Like Me
  • 12. Everything’s the Same
  • 13. Guitar Peace
  • 14. Freedom