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Over four decades ago, several journeys were made into the depths of American traditional music culture by a curious young musician from Japan. His name is Takaki Kosuke. However, he’s best known in the world of old-time music as Bosco.

As a child, Bosco’s obsession for the music of the Carter family and Woody Guthrie led him to study the guitar and mountain dulcimer. Soon after, his obsession for fiddle and banjo brought him to America where he befriended and learned directly from many of the legendary elders who are practically worshipped as musical gods by today’s old-time aficionados: Tommy Jarrell, Melvin Wine, Burl Hammons, Maggie Hammons, Joe Birchfield, and the list goes on.

Bosco’s style is a virtual musical time capsule containing the mystical “old sounds” that countless folk musicians strive to conjure on their instruments. His photographs of the great old masters are sacred treasures for fans and students of the genre. Additionally, the CD showcases the artwork and design of old-time musician and folk artist Howard Rains. Through Bosco’s solo fiddle and banjo recordings, the careful listener will be transported into secret spectral spaces that echo the near-forgotten drones and rhythms of a vintage America.

1. Drunken Hiccups
2. Old Sledge
3. Falls of Richmond
4. Walking in the Parlor
5. Drunk Man’s Blues
6. Old Christmas Morning
7. Pretty Little Girl
8. Cherry River Line
9. John Roberts’ Tune
10. Indian War Dance Piece
11. Yew Piney Mountain
12. Sourwood Mountain
13. Walking in the Parlor
14. Shakin’ Down the Acorns
15. Nancy Rollin’
16. As Time Draws Near
17. Train 45
18. Sherman’s Untitled A tune (Cripple Creek)
19. Yew Piney Mountain