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SANDY ROTHMAN 'The Old Road to Home' TBR-146-CD

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 A great instrumental album of poignant fiddle and banjo duets from two Bay Area multi-instrumentalists! Tasteful all around! Sandy Rothman started in bluegrass around 1960 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a singer and guitarist, progressing to banjo and mandolin. In 1964 he played guitar in banjoist Jerry Garcia's bluegrass band and also toured briefly with Bill Monroe as lead singer, guitarist, and banjo player. In 1968 he joined Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys, playing banjo with Earl for several years in Cincinnati and recording one album with him ("The Bluegrass Touch" on Vetco). In Columbus, Ohio, he played with local bands before returning to the Bay Area where he has played in many bands and participated in numerous recording sessions, mainly on banjo. He played on and produced two projects by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, "Almost Acoustic" and "Ragged But Right."

1) Flying South

2) Give Me the Flowers While I'm Living

3) Take Me Home

4) Tennessee Wagoner

5) Next to the Soil

6) Kentucky Tent Show

7) Tall Pines

8) Midnight on the Water

9) Ramshackle Shack

10) Maiden's Prayer

11) John Henry

12) Gone Home

13) Indian Killed a Woodchuck

14) Down the Old Road to Home