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BRUCE GREENE & KORE LOY MCWHIRTER 'Come Near My Love: Mostly Quiet & Dark Songs' HAZ-507-CD

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This is a collection of thirteen unaccompanied, mostly Southern, songs and ballads. Bruce Greene and Loy McWhirter have been absorbing songs since early childhood. They do not read notes and so learn by ear and word of mouth. When they met in 1975, they started learning each other’s songs and singing together acapella harmony. It has been said that all they have inside their heads are songwords, melodies, and fiddle tunes, which may well be true. Be that as it may, this is a collection of some of their favorite traditional and not-so-traditional songs and ballads, sung the old way without accompaniment.

1) Come Near My Love
2) Omie Wise
3) The Moonshiner
4) O, Lily-O
5) Keys To The Kingdom
6) Lady Margaret
7) Oh Death
8) As I Walked Out
9) No Fooling
10) Let Me Be Your Satellite
11) Rocket Man
12) Witch Of Usher's Well
13) Vance No More