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Sneakily situated on a residential street in SE Portland, enter Blue Rooms Studio and you'll find yourself in dark dusky and comforting space that has welcomed artists seeking that analog sound for a long while. The last time you hear the tape roll is the last time you'll hear a recording at its very best, a bittersweet moment. Fueled by tacos, lots of coffee, and probably a little whiskey, Innocent Road, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms second full length duo album was recorded live in one room together. It features a full honky tonk band with Caleb Klauder on mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, and vocals, Reeb Willms on acoustic guitar and vocals, Rusty Blake on steel guitar, Jesse Emerson on upright bass, Sam Weiss and Jason Norris on fiddle, and Ned Folkerth on drums. You can two step your little heart out to this.

  1. Coming On Strong 
  2. Been On The Rocks 
  3. Last Time I Saw You 
  4. C'est Le Moment 
  5. No One Dear But You 
  6. You're The One 
  7. I'd Jump The Mississippi 
  8. New Shoes 
  9. Montana Cowboy 
  10. Just A Little 
  11. Innocent Road 
  12. There Goes My Love 
  13. Chalk Up Another One 
  14. Stepping Stones